TCS Placement Paper

TCS Latest Placement Paper Pattern 2019-20 is available on our website. The Placement test paper of TCS is updated every year and we have explained the complete TCS Placement Patten here. Here, on softscholer you will get every all the TCS Preparation Materials including TCS Sample Papers with solutions, TCS Practice sets, TCS Sample Test Papers, TCS Preparation Papers with solutions PDF, TCS Placement Papers, TCS. For your best preparation we would suggest you to prepare from TCS Placement Materials collected and prepared under our expertise guidance.


TCS Sections Time Required No.of Questions Difficulty Level
Aptitude 40 minutes 20 Moderate- High
Verbal 10 minutes 10 Moderate
Technical MCQ 20 minutes 10 High
Coding 20 minutes 1 Low-Moderate-High

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is TCS placement exam easy or tough ?

Ans: TCS Placement Exam Difficulty level is Moderate to high.

2. How many total question in TCS placement exam?

Ans: Visit our TCS Syllabus Page, There you will get your answer.

3. How to Prepare For TCS Exams?

Ans: In TCS Test there are some question which are ever lasting asked again and again. So Get the Question Paper with Solution and Do your Preparation.

4. When TCS Placement is Starting ?

Ans: For OFF-Campus Recruitment Visit the site